Machine Gun Decor was established for the individual who has a taste for living in a cool, classy space, and still maintain an edge.  Over the years Machine Gun Decor has had many notable clients in all fields of entertainment; rappers, rock musicians, professional athletes, and actors alike have come to us to decorate their homes.  For the first time, we open our doors to YOU!  We have moved from our gallery into a smaller work space.  No more stuffy gallery prices!  You can now have the same crib that you see on TV! It's time to stop staring at your blank walls and hang something up!

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What is a canvas transfer?
A canvas transfer is an individually produced, high-resolution, high fidelity reproduction created on a special large format printer.  Our canvas transfers are produced from digital scans of an artist's original.  The inkjet technology is so precise, it picks up every brush stroke from the original, making it very hard to distinguish between the canvas transfer and the original.  These canvas transfers can last for at least 90 years.

Each print is stretched canvas on a wood frame at no charge to you. A process which can cost up to $100!

No frame required, just hang it right on the wall!

Caring for your stretched canvas transfer
Never leave it directly in the sun for long periods of time. Never get it wet, as these are not water proof; if it accumulates dust, use a dry towel or cloth.  Lastly, do not lay the canvas down on pointy or sharp objects; this loosens the canvas, and over time you will need to have it restretched- waste of money!